Monday, May 21, 2007

Vince is gone again...BOOOOOOO.....he'll be home on Friday but it still sucks, no matter how long he's gone! But at the same time it's nice for us to have a little break, gives us a little perspective and appreciation for each other! :) I do manage to get a lot done while he's gone though, Sam and I spent 2 hours mucking out her room on Sunday afternoon....3 trash bags and 3 give-away bags later, it looks SO good in there, we'll see how long it lasts! Got the yard cleaned up, the house picked up, and of course some scrapping done! This is the latest page for Busy Bee, the challenge was to use 7 or more pictures and I managed to get it done, although I'm not loving it too much...the girls I work with are SO awesome, it's kind of intimidating at times! Hopefully I rank right up there with the rest of 'em!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On Friday, May 4th, there was a horrible accident right near my school...we heard the sirens during 5th period, we commented on how many we heard, wondering what was going on...little did we know how horrible it would be. The Coble family was coming home from their son Kyle's Mother's Day tea at his preschool, they were hit from behind by a semi truck...all 3 of their children were killed in the accident. I cannot imagine the unspeakable pain their parents must be feeling, you should SEE the community...on EVERY SINGLE tree, sign, lamppost there are 3 ribbons; 2 pink and 1 blue...for Emma (age 4), Katie (age 2) and Kyle (had just turned 5 the day before the accident). It breaks my heart to think of that family and their pain and suffering, that Lori and Chris Coble will never hug their babies again, never wrap another birthday present, never coach another little league game...I consider myself a person of great faith, but tragedies like this make me question Him and the things that happen in this world. Why THEM? Why this family? Why 3 babies who had so much life left? Hug your babies tighter for a mother and father who can't anymore...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Should I be irritated????? Vince didn't tell his parents that my grandpa died so they have no idea he and I are going home this weekend...when I asked him why he didn't say anything, his response was "I thought it'd be a nice Mother's Day surprise" Are you freaking kidding me??????? We're going home for my grandpa's FUNERAL and to spend time with MY family...he couldn't even be bothered to tell his parents, "Anne's grandpa died last week" My parents would be the FIRST people I would go to if something like this happened in Vince's family, they would most likely attend the funeral, send condolences to his parents, etc...I guess yet another glaring difference between our families....UGH......

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Long overdue but happy birthday my sweet baby girl....I love you!

YIKES! I hate it when I don't update here...not that many people read it ;) But it's nice to update for ME every now and then. I used to journal a lot but this is kind of taking the place of the traditional "pen & paper" style journaling I used to do!

Let's see...what's going on here....still no word on a new job, I put in for a transfer so we'll see where that goes. Medieval Faire was hectic, chaotic, frustrating at times, but the kids had a blast and I am happy about that...even happier that it is DONE! It's like planning a wedding for 450 inept 12 year Went off with quite a few hitches, but oh well, we got through it!

After several months with cancer, my grandpa passed away on Monday. I was so exhausted from the weekend in San Francisco with my kids, then Medieval Faire right away on Monday...I was so looking forward to a relaxing night at home (read: GOING TO BED EARLY) I talked to my mom and dad who were enjoying a few days in Vegas, dad mentioned that grandpa had been taken to hospice care on Sunday afternoon...then a few minutes later my uncle called my dad's other line...I immediately knew it couldn't be good as it was 11:30 pm in MN when he called...not I literally sat on my bed with my cell phone in my lap knowing it was only a matter of time before I got another phone call...sure enough my mom called 15 minutes later. He had 86 good years, but I am beating myself up over not having called. I kept coming up with lame ass reasons why it wasn't a good time, and I'd "call tomorrow" I never got to say goodbye and tell him I love him. I know I shouldn't be kicking my own ass over that, but I think part of me always will; regardless of the fact that he KNOWS how much I love him. I'm sad for my grandma, I'm sad for my dad, I'm sad for my kids....he was an awesome man and saying that I will miss him is a pathetic understatement. I did this layout a few months ago of my grandparents when they were first married, I think I'm going to frame it and give it to my grandma...