Wednesday, August 22, 2007

HUGE DORK......yep, that's me....rushing to get Sam to soccer practice the other night, carrying Alex to go across the street totally FELL off the curb, twisted my ankle (effectively spraining it) and scraped up my knee BIG time....yep, huge dork. I was limping like a moron, bleeding everywhere, and as it turns out we were at the wrong damn field so she missed practice anyway! LOL I can finally walk normally again but my knee is still scraped up and hurts like crazy...yep, huge dork...did I mention that yet????

Thursday, August 16, 2007

FINALLY home! I LOVE going back to Minnesota to visit but sometimes it's more exhausting than relaxing...always so much that we want to do, so many people we want to see, it doesn't always work out but we had a blast! Now it's back to the regular routine before school starts....BOO! Sam starts soccer tonight and she's so excited, and I've gotten roped into being a team manager so I'm officially a "soccer mom"! Looking forward to MAYBE relaxing a bit now that we're home!!!