Wednesday, January 09, 2008

UGH...back into the "one post a month" rut....I plead the holidays as my excuse! And look who ate too many sugar cookies.......hee hee

We are now 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant with #3 and feeling pretty good! Had my "big" ultrasound last week but didn't find out what we've got cookin' in there, I was a good girl and didn't cave! So we won't know until June!! Any guesses???

Had a great Christmas, just as hectic as we expected, hopefully I can get pictures loaded soon as Sam had a very big winter in MN...first time skiing AND ice skating! She had a blast, Alex was not as big of a fan of the snow however!

So now it's back to the same ol' routine, Vince gone during the week, back to school, neglecting laundry and dishes...sigh...someday I'll get caught up!