Thursday, September 13, 2007

HORRIBLE BLOGGER! I have now been yelled at by THREE friends to thanks to Nancy, Janice, and Lucy I am now updated! :) And special thanks to other bloggy/scrappy friend Pat for helping me figure out how to put active links within a post! :)

Ok, so school has officially started and I miss my summer vacation! I love my kids though, I have a really good group this year (so far, anyway!) Sam is LOVING first grade and is getting pretty darn good at reading, she's growing up too fast! Alex turned 3 last week and I'm so sad that I have no baby left :( He's all "guy" now (we get yelled at if we call him a big boy...he says he's a "guy")And SUPER to FINALLY meet my super crazy talented friend Nancy from the Netherlands!!! She and her adorable boyfriend Pascal are doing a whirlwind vacation along the west coast and I got to hang out with her and Janice for a few hours last weekend, she is a DOLL and I wish both she and Janice lived next door! :)

So there ya go...hopefully it won't be 3 weeks before I update again, if that's the case girls..come after me!