Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's been a few days since I've heard from Vince...no big surprise there! Half the time I expect him to pull one of his "surprises" and walk through the door, and other times I'm dreading him telling me he won't be home as soon as we had hoped he would be. Once we get a better idea of when he'll be home, I'll feel better...I hope. In the meantime, there's plenty to keep me busy. I've submitted for a few DT calls, but I don't have high hopes. For every GOOD layout I do, someone is always better. I'm very proud of what I do, regardless of it being validated by me being picked for a DT, but I'd love an opportunity like that. It's frustrating to get rejected, because that's essentially what it is! At any rate, I certainly hope that the people choosing the KMA team will be more careful about their choices this time around...amazing that even in the world of scrapbooking, a name can mean everything!

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Jaime said...

can't wait for you to be able to post an arrival date for vince! i've only tried out for one dt.......and with 165 people entering i don't feel the prognosis is good for me either......but there is another i think i may try for. after so many nos you eventually have to luck out and get a yes right??
keep trying anne.....you are an awesome scrapper and any dt would be lucky to have you :)