Tuesday, October 09, 2007

UGH...notice how most of my posts lately start off "BAD BLOGGER"?!?!?! LOL Part of the problem is I can't sign in to create new posts when I'm at school (darn web blockers..BAD TEACHER! LOL) and by the time I get home, I forget about it...until I get to school again, can't log in--- the vicious cycle continues!

Anyhoo....LOTS going on here! Some major life changes coming up for our family...one I can't spill quite yet but the other is a HUGE career move for Vince! A lot of you know he flies the Cobra attack helicopter, WELL the Marine Corps has come out with a "new and improved" version of his helo....SO he has been chosen as one of the west coast guys who will be trained on this latest version of the Cobra! Awesome, right? He'll be a part of a historical change for the Corps and he'll have SO much fun doing it...awesome, right??? WELL, he has to go TAD (temporary assigned duty) to a base 3 hours north of here. Meaning he'll be gone Monday-Friday and HOPEFULLY will make it home every weekend...not so awesome, right??? :) I haven't been a "geographically single mom" in quite a while and was looking forward to 2-3 years of not having to do it at ALL. BUT he's very excited about this and it's a wonderful opportunity so my potential hang-ups about it would be a stupid reason for him to say no!

I look at it this way, I'll get lots of scrap-therapy in during the week while he's gone! That's IF I can manage to stay sane juggling a full time job, house, and 2 kids! Calgon take me away.................


Janice said...

Oh Girl... what a great opportunity for Vince! Not to sound like a dork.. but I'm so proud of him... even it I haven't met him in person yet!! LOL!!
You know I will be here for you at night on the puter and only a phone call away!
Love ya my friend!

Kelly said...

You are strong my friend and you will make it through. We are all here here for you!!!!

Pat said...

Exciting news! Fun for him, maybe not so much for you - but at least he's not half a world away this time!
(trying to be positive here... :)

~Nancy~ said...

Hey you bad blogger!! Whahahaha!!! such an awesome opportunity for Vince.. but I can imagine that it is a little hard for you and your kiddos! You're such a strong girl.. I bet this time will fly by for ya! And you always have your scrappy friends around you from all over the world right?? Sending you big hugs! XOXO

Lucy Chesna said...

great opportunity for VInce and we are here for you girlie...I am only phone call away

you have been tagged

Lucy Chesna said...

happy birthday girlie

Jaime said...

((Hugs)) to you girlie! an awesome opportunity for vince! and like you said, maybe you will have lots of time for scrappin'! i hope the time flies fast for you and goes smoothly!

Melissa said...

That is wonderful news for DH! Hope it all works out for your family! Impatiently waiting on the "other" news you have to share!