Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HOLY CRAYOLA! I figured out how to do something on my blog that wasn't stamped on my forehead, written in a "Blogging for Dummies" guide or written out step by step by someone smarter than me!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! Looky here! --------->

So very very very proud of if I can just figure out how to do active links/hyperlinks within a post I'll be THRILLED!


~Nancy~ said...

I'm so happy that I can finally leave you a comment here (as your blog doesn't allow anonymous comments).. but now I'm in the blogging world too! And your slideshow is awesome girlie!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!! Talk to you soon!! XOXO Nancy

Pat said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - it's been pretty lonely there lately!
I've been thinking about you and trying to remember how to get to your blog too...hope all's going well - it's so fun seeing your layouts on my newsleters every month - still doing awesome work!

Jaime said...

awesome slide show girlie!! now can you tell me how to do it?? LOL

Lucy said... are a pro now

Janice said...

Love your slide show! I still can't figure out how to do anything but create a post or add a comment! Everything else on my blog was done my either Nancy vdB or Jennifer!! LOL! So, you ROCK Girl!!